Why Taking Your Children to the Dentist is so Important

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April 25, 2019
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June 30, 2019

Why Taking Your Children to the Dentist is so Important


One of the first aspects that you need to consider with your newborn baby or young child is taking them to our Langhorne dentist office. Children learn very early on whether or not they like the dentist. This fear or joy can dictate how often they continue to visit a dentist once they have moved out of the house. Since oral health plays an important role in their overall health, it should never be taken for granted. Your goal should be to normalize the dentist experience for them. Beginning early is an excellent method for doing just that. This article will explain why you need to take your child to a dentist as early as possible.

How Young?

Perhaps the first question that should be considered is when you should start taking your child to the dentist. The answer might surprise you. Babies should be taken to a dentist after six months. This is to ensure that their gums are healthy. Since babies like to put a lot of things into their mouth, their gums can sometimes become infected. Our pediatric dentist can inspect their gums to ensure that they’re healthy.

As they become older and start sprouting their first teeth, it’s especially important to visit a Langhorne dentist. While it can be easy to think that dental care doesn’t need to be given to teeth that are just going to fall out anyway, that isn’t the case. Baby teeth that fall out prematurely can cause the next set of teeth to grow incorrectly. These malformed teeth can cause problems in chewing and speech.

Besides that, having your child visit a Langhorne dentist early in life means that they will be more at ease as they continue to visit. The experience can be normalized, and thus comforting, rather than a fearful one.

Establish Good Brushing Habits

Another reason that you should take your child to our dentistry earlier rather than later is that it reinforces good oral health habits. Your child is taught how to properly brush their teeth from an early age. They’re also introduced to flossing. Too often, flossing is overlooked in adults because the importance of it wasn’t firmly imparted in their youth. Since flossing plays a vital role in preventing tooth decay and gingivitis, you want your child to have those healthy flossing habits formed early.

Make Your First Appointment

If you haven’t made an appointment with us yet, then you should pick up the phone and call our office today. We can provide a comfortable experience for your child. More importantly, we’ll help them develop excellent oral health habits and decisions to last for the rest of their life.