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December 20, 2019
The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep
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February 10, 2020

It’s never too early to keep your kids smile healthy. Whether your kid’s teeth are poking through or his mouth is full of teeth, it’s essential to mind his oral health. We recommend that you start by teaching your kid how to brush his teeth at least twice a week.

When Should You Visit a Kid’s Dentist?

It might seem too soon, but it’s prudent to schedule your kid’s first appointment. You can book your appointment with us as soon as he sprouts a tooth or turns one.

When it comes to booking your kid’s first appointment, many people seek advice from their parents. While it’s not a bad thing, it is good to undertake a background check about his experience with young kids. We recommend you should choose a pediatric dentist who has vast experience with children’s oral health. Another advantage of choosing a pediatric dentist is that he can calm a crying baby. Also, such a clinic waiting room is graced with distractions such as toys and books.

What does happen at Your Kid’s Dental Checkup?

Top dentist in Bucks County will ensure that the first appointment is short and informal. They will focus on creating a concrete bond with your child. All this is dependent on your child’s age and his level of calmness. If the child is quite self-effacing, you will be required to hold him as our dentist inspect his tot’s teeth. Our dentist will first check tooth decay, have a look at your kids’ gum, bite, and jaw. If all is not well, the dentist will clean your tot’s teeth. Fluoride may also be applied if the risk of developing cavities is identified.

Top dentist in Bucks county will educate you on observing your child’s oral hygiene, and grant you a chance to ask questions related to toddler teething. We will also let you know tooth-friendly foods for your child and any other thing that involves toddlers teething.

Dealing with Fear of The Dentist

It’s normal for a toddler to fear medical checkups. To overcome this fear, we try to be a little bit patient with the toddler. We know how it feels to be in a clinic; thus, we will make your child’s visit comfortable. To deal with anxiety, top dentists in bucks county recommend several tactics before and during the appointment.

Here are some of the tactics:

• As a parent, bring toys with you
• Befriend your kid by using positive language. Let him/ her know that the dentist is there to build oral health.
• Be cheerful and calm, and your kid will emulate you
• Be supportive and congratulate your sweetie when he does it well (e.g., Wow nice opening wide)

Pearly whites dental care is your reliable partner in child’s teething. We will work hand in hand with you to ensure your child’s oral health is at its best. To book an appointment for your toddler, give us a call right away.