What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

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Missing a tooth or teeth impacts a person’s life in many ways. Not only does it affect the food they eat, their speech, and appearance, it also impacts self-esteem and confidence. No longer are dentures the only tooth loss replacement option. Many people who have experienced tooth loss choose dental implants over dentures. Our local dentist serving Morrisville offers dental implant surgery for our patients.

We will examine a handful of benefits dental implants provide the user. You will quickly understand why patients choose implants over dentures when that choice is available to them. Dental insurance does not cover dental implants costs; however, payment options help ease the added costs. The benefits make the extra expense well worth the effort.

Improve Appearance

Dental implants support the jawbone structure, which can fail after tooth loss. It is especially devastating if you are missing multiple teeth. Dentures help but cannot protect gum loss and other problems the same way the dental implants can. Talk to our local dentist serving Morrisville to set up your consultation and learn why dental implants are the best replacement option for tooth restoration appearance.

Improve Confidence

You will improve confidence when the person you see in the mirror makes you smile. Denture wearers often find themselves concerned their false teeth will fall out of their mouths. They also worry that other people will realize they are wearing fake teeth. Dental implants do not come out of the mouth, eliminating all concerns.

Improve Speech

Dental implants improve the user’s speech, whereas dentures may cause slurred words and speech. It certainly offers improvement versus the results of a missing tooth.

Eat the Foods You Love

Without teeth, eating foods like steak, nuts, and candy is difficult. Dentures do not make it any easier. Dental implants rush to the rescue, providing a great alternative to dentures that never disrupt the foods that you can enjoy.

Do the Things You Love

Denture wearers find themselves limited in the activities they can enjoy. Dentures may fall out of the mouth, they break quite easily, and there is always the concern and worry. Choose dental implants and there is no limit to the fun you can have in your life day after day, week after week.

Schedule an appointment with our local dentist serving Morrisville if dental implants sound like the perfect missing tooth replacement option to you!