The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

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February 10, 2020
The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep
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Dental care is an essential part of health, and this is especially true for children. Once a child’s teeth have begun to come in, it is crucial to start on the right path to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your child. Developing a relationship with a local dentist in Bucks County is a great way to give your children the perfect head start on healthy teeth for life.

The Most Common Children’s Dentistry Procedures

Regular dental cleaning and checkups, of course, are the foundation of most child visits to the dentist. It’s recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD) that kids have dental checkups twice a year, beginning with six months after the child’s first tooth erupts.

Other common reason for kids to visit your local dentist in Bucks County include:

  • Fluoride treatments
  • Cavity prevention or fillings
  • Traditional braces or Invisalign for teeth straightening
  • Preventative dental care
  • Space maintainers
  • Pulp treatment for infected nerves or blood vessels
  • Tooth extraction, if needed

Traditional Braces or Invisalign for Children

Braces are a common part of dental care and maintenance for children who may have issues with crooked, crowded teeth, or teeth that are spaced too far apart. The determination of whether your child should have braces occurs after all his or her permanent teeth have come in, typically between the ages of 8 and 14.

Wearing braces at an early age can be extremely beneficial, as the teeth are corrected while the child is still developing, ensuring much healthier teeth down the road. Corrective braces can solve many common problems caused by crowded or over-spaced teeth, including:

  • Reduced risk of cavities and/or periodontal disease
  • Reduced risks of chipping, grinding, and injuries from incorrectly positioned teeth
  • Improved ease of brushing and flossing
  • Alleviation of speech impediments caused by misplaced teeth, such as a lisp or inadvertent whistling
  • Gives your child a great-looking smile!

As an alternative to traditional braces, your child may be able to benefit from Invisalign, a clear plastic teeth straightening system without brackets or wires that improves the positioning of teeth gradually over time. Contact us to learn more about the possibility of Invisalign for your child.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Family Dentist

At Pearly Whites Dental Care, our focus is on exceptional dental health for your whole family. If you’re looking for a friendly, reliable local dentist in Bucks County, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for you and your children.