Traditional Braces

About Traditional Braces

The world of dentistry has gone through huge technological advancements to help improve your teeth. The alignment of your teeth is no exception. Dentists use conventional and relatively new ways of straightening their patients’ teeth. There is no longer only one option when considering braces. There are different types of dental braces now, including:

  • traditional braces
  • clear braces
  • Invisalign

Each of these braces has its own individual benefits. You may be wondering how to determine what kind of braces to get. To help you make this decision, we will be going over:

  • the advantages of all braces
  • the benefits of clear braces
  • why one may choose traditional braces over Invisalign

We're here to help you make a well informed choice about getting traditional braces. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

The Advantages of All Braces

Some benefits of wearing dental braces include:

  • helping to reduce the chances of wear on teeth
  • restoring or correcting your bite
  • potentially curing sleep apnea

Most people are initially drawn to getting braces as a way to straighten their smile. However, getting braces from our dentist in Morrisville offers many more advantages, like assisting you with dental hygiene. Here are some ways dental braces can help make your dental health more convenient and manageable:

  • straightened teeth are much easier to clean
  • helps to prevent gum disease
  • since straighter teeth are stronger, they are less likely to get damaged in an accident

Obtaining the best braces from your dentist in Morrisville can give you has a lot of long-term benefits. These advantages refer to braces in general, though more specific types have their own unique perks.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Some advantages of clear braces include:

  • being more durable than traditional braces
  • much easier to remove once the treatment is complete
  • greater comfort than metal braces additionally
  • don't break down tooth enamel

Also known as ceramic braces, clear braces have more aesthetic benefits. They are thin and tooth-colored, making it less noticeable than bulkier, traditional metal braces. You can even choose the color of your ceramic braces. To ensure that you're getting the best braces from our top Morrisville dentist, we use high-quality materials. We'll happily discuss with you more reasons as to why clear braces are may be a good choice for you.

Why Choose Traditional Braces over Invisalign?

You may think that Invisalign is a better choice because of how much more convenient it is. Invisalign aligners easier to put on, remove, and are less painful. However, it depends on your individual alignment of your teeth. Metal braces are useful to help fix more complex alignment issues. Invisalign is for smaller, simpler alignment problems. Due to the use of metal brackets and direct attachment to teeth, traditional braces are much more capable of straightening your teeth.

Our Services

Our team of dentists can fit you with the metal braces you need. We specialize in both traditional and clear dental braces, as well as Invisalign. If you're interested in getting the best braces from our top Morrisville dentists, make an appointment for a consultation with us. Our dentists understand if it's your first time getting braces, so we will help make you feel comfortable. After the installation is done, we'll inform you of how long you will be wearing your metal braces, how to brush your teeth, and what foods to eat. Don't be afraid to ask questions, as our goal is to make sure you are fully prepared for living with braces.

Living with braces can take some getting used to. This is especially true if you're getting traditional braces. However, metal braces are a good choice to consider if you want to fully align your teeth. You can ask us about both traditional and ceramic braces. We can tell you which is more suitable for your teeth. Either way, the goal is the same: to align your teeth. So contact us today and set up an appointment to meet with our dental experts.

We thank you for choosing our practice for your dental care.

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