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How What You're Eating Is Affecting Your Teeth

A healthy diet is just as important for your teeth as brushing. It is also hugely beneficial to your overall health. While anything you put in your body that is bad health wise is not good for your teeth either, there are a few things you should be actively avoiding if you want to preserve your white smile.

Candy and Sweets

If you eat a lot of candy, you likely have had your fair share of cavities. This is no coincidence. It’s proven that sugar is one of the worst things to ingest for your teeth, and candy is loaded with the stuff.

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods tend to get stuck on teeth long after you’ve finished eating them. This gives them more than enough time to solidify and began eating away at your enamel. If you can avoid sticky foods, especially gummy candies, it will go a long way to preserving your smile.

Acidic Foods

Foods high in acids (like oranges and tomatoes) may be good for you overall, but they are horrible for your teeth. This is especially true if you’ve just recently brushed. The acid in these foods will eat away at your enamel exposing your teeth to bacteria. This is an open invitation for bacteria to breed. Go ahead and eat these foods, but try to brush or at least drink a glass of water after to avoid acid lingering on your teeth.

Get Lots of Calcium

If you can eat and drink things high in calcium you’ll also strengthen your teeth and bones. This is great for adding some protection to your teeth. Calcium is excellent for you overall as well so it’s a win-win situation.

If you can keep your eating habits in check you’ll be sure to win yourself a healthy mouth and beautiful smile. It can be tough, but stick to it and soon it will be like second nature.

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How What You’re Eating Is Affecting Your Teeth

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