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How to Stop Bad breath

No one wants bad breath. It’s typically a quality that most people work to avoid with the use of gum and mints. However, bad breath is something that over 80 million people suffer from.  Despite the fact that it is a common condition, It can be very embarrassing. How can people prevent their own bad breath?

Brush Twice Daily

Many refuse to leave the house without first brushing their teeth. In the morning, unbrushed teeth can be a disturbing feel in your mouth. The morning is likely when the bad breath is at its worst. However, not only should people brush their teeth before they leave the house, but it also important for them to brush their teeth before they go to bed so that plaque and bacteria are not festering in their mouth all night long.


Flossing is a great assistant to brushing. It can reach the places that the tooth brush missed, helping to eliminate plaque and bacteria from the gum line and crevices of the teeth.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

It is not uncommon for bad breath to be caused by a dry mouth. Most professionals recommend that you drink six 8-ounce glasses of water to help prevent this. Drinking water can help to wash away food particles and bacteria, which are typically the cause of bad breath. Victims of bad breath might also look to see if any of their every day medications list “dry mouth” as a side effect. If this is the case, they may need to increase the amount of water that they consumer a day.

Visit Your Dentist

If someone has tried everything and still cannot seem to get rid of their bad breath it might be time to seek a professional opinion. contact Pearly Whites Dental Care today to set up an appointment.

How to Stop Bad Breath

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