Why Taking Your Children to the Dentist is so Important
May 28, 2019
Embarrassed by missing teeth? We can help.
July 13, 2019

Why Taking Your Children to the Dentist is so Important


Going to the dentist can seem like a traumatic experience for children. If the environment is very serious and they are not able to find kid-friendly materials in the waiting room, they may start to feel uncomfortable. Kids don’t like to have a cold and clinical experience with big needles and very serious doctors. They like being able to think of dentistry as something that can be a little uncomfortable but otherwise fun. At Pearly Whites Dental Care, we offer comprehensive dental care for your children and, therefore, should be the first name on your lips when your kids need a Bucks County dentist.


Our office is fun and exciting for children because there are colorful things for them to play with as they wait and children’s magazines for them to read. We can also provide them with surprise toys when they are done. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of family dental care while retaining an atmosphere that children feel welcomed and comfortable in. If you need a Bucks County dentist that you can trust to calm your child’s fears about going to the dentist, come and see what our friendly staff can do for you.


Common Dental Procedures for Kids


When kids are developing, they have to start learning to take care of their teeth in preparation for the final set of adult teeth when they come in. Children with poor brushing habits can find themselves suffering from gingivitis and even cavities at a young age. This can lead to halitosis, tooth pain, and irritation along the gumline.


At Pearly Whites Dental Care, we perform professional cleanings to remove any plaque below the gumline. We also remove teeth that are rotting or when they are loose and need to be pulled for the next set of adult teeth to come in. You can also count on us in an emergency situation if your child accidentally damages their teeth. We can work quickly to save those teeth and ease any discomfort that they are feeling.


Our office also teaches children how to brush properly and how to floss. We make learning fun and can provide some materials for your child to take home with them. This will ensure that they develop proper brushing habits and grow up with clean and healthy mouths.


If your child is afraid of your current dentist and does not enjoy brushing, these are all negative experiences that can haunt them forever if they retain these principles from a young age. Contact Pearly Whites Dental when you need a Bucks County dentist who truly cares and is not overly focused on time-management above patient experience. Stop into our office today and see what your kids think about us.