The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep
When Should You Visit a Kid’s Dentist?
January 9, 2020
The Dangers of Grinding Your Teeth in Your Sleep
The Importance of Children’s Dentistry
March 18, 2020

Crooked, Misaligned teeth impact a person’s confidence, speech, and other aspects of life. Invisalign provides those people with an alternative to the consequences of ‘bad teeth.’ Preferred over traditional braces, Invisalign straightens teeth and corrects other imperfections in a fraction of the time. Learn more about the benefits of Invisalign and then visit our dentist in Bucks County to schedule your no-obligation consultation.


As the name suggests, Invisalign is invisible to the eye. No one knows that you’re wearing them unless you offer up this information. Many people find braces embarrassing, especially teens. The metal braces are the worst of the types, although they’ve greatly improved in appearance over the years. Kids can be cruel to one another, as we all know. Braces are one of those things that some kids make fun of. Invisalign answers the call, offering an invisible treatment that works.

No Food Restrictions

Traditional braces limit the foods that you can eat because they may get stuck in the teeth or braces or cause oral health concerns. Since braces cannot be removed, you can understand the problems it may cause. You could face the need for substantial treatment if food gets stuck in the braces. Invisalign users can eat any foods they love with no restrictions. Why limit your menu simply to use an oral appliance?

Smile Sooner

Did you know that treatment with some braces can take as long as five-years? That is an incredibly long time to wait to smile freely without the fear of tooth imperfections dragging you down. A typical braces treatment is about two-years, but you can reduce this length of time by choosing Invisalign.

The thought of seeing your new, straight smile in the mirror is very exciting!

Invisalign corrects crooked, misaligned teeth in an average time period of 18-months. Yes, in one-year and one-half, a new and improved smile can be yours, and trust us when we say the price (for this service) IS right! Invisalign grows in popularity every day -with good reason. Your smile is important and Invisalign protects it.

Invisalign offers incredible benefits for anyone unhappy with their smile due to tooth imperfections. It is affordable and sometimes covered by insurance plans. If you’re unhappy with your smile, change that with a phone call to our dentist in Bucks County.

Call our dentist in Bucks County to learn exactly how Invisalign can improve your beautiful smile.