Are Dentures or Implants Right For You?

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Dental Implants in Morrisville

When you have to replace one or several teeth, there are various evidence-based dental procedures that you have to keep in mind. Choosing the right solution means you have to consider the right approach for your needs. Our professional dentures or dental implants in Morrisville may be the perfect solution. 

Things to Consider

You have to consider the price, your preference, and your overall dental health structures. You also have to realize that dentures and implants have unique benefits or drawbacks. Below are some of the main functions of dentures:

  • It helps improve your ability to break down food into smaller particles.
  • Provides structural support for the facial muscles.
  • It helps to improve your ability to speak well.
  • Enhances the individual’s personal outlook and self-esteem.
  • Important for nutritional purposes, especially if you are prone to bad teeth.

However, you also have to realize the differences between these dental structure solutions. Both are unique, and common among people who need modern dental health solutions. Below is a list of the pros and cons we recommend you consider have to consider before investing:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are applicable for people with robust dental structures, where the dentist can place screw-like structures for stability. The popularity of implants has increased significantly in the past few years, especially among the elderly. We have dentures in Morrisville specialists who can handle this process.

The process of creating a dental implant starts with addressing the damaged root section. Once the dentist removes the root, they will drill a hole into the structure of the jaw. Next, the dentist will set up a prosthetic root that goes by the term post, deep into the bone structure.

The top section of the post will feature a crown, which will set in once the bone develops correctly. The process can take a few months before the post requires a structural approach to set the crown.

In some cases, the restructuring involves only when the post has gone through an implanting process. The last step involves setting a crown to ensure the teeth have the same structure as the others in your dental structure.


Dentures refer to artificial teeth, which you can set in your mouth, regardless of the bones in your dental structure. You can have the dentures as complete sets for replacing all or a specific number of your teeth.

Creating dentures involves the acquisition of your overall dental structure, especially the gums. Before making the dentures, our dentures in Morrisville team will evaluate your dental structure from a mechanical perspective.

The doctor will then create a graphic structure of dentures and relay the information to a specialized lab. The doctor will set the dentures in your mouth and calibrate them to suit your specific needs. Dentists also often create dentures that have a similar appearance to the structure of gums and teeth. The structure used to hold the dentures involves using a specialized adhesive.

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