An Ultimate Guide on Invisalign Treatment

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You might feel like your smile doesn’t look as great as you would want it to for various reasons. Consequently, that might affect you either psychologically or socially. While most people fear using traditional braces, a top dentist in the area can suggest an alternative method known as Invisalign. Here is an ultimate guide on Invisalign even before you give us a visit.

What Invisalign Works

As opposed to traditional braces, Invisalign treatment doesn’t involve wires—instead, the dentist molds nearly invisible aligners from clear, smooth plastic. The aligners will into place over your natural teeth. We give you a set of new aligners every two weeks until your teeth get into the correct position. Typically, the treatment could take as little as 20 weeks.

Before getting the aligners, you need to ensure that they are right for you. With the advice of a top dentist in the area, you can decide if they’ll get the job done. Another great way to decide is using 3D imaging technology, which allows you to virtually get a glimpse of how you will look like after the treatment. While Invisalign is as effective as traditional braces, it might not be the best option. For instance, in the case of teeth re-spacing, traditional braces might work better.

Incorporating Invisalign into Your Daily Life

As we have earlier mentioned, Invisalign is made of almost invisible plastic. Thus, unless you tell someone, they might never notice that you are wearing a set of teeth aligners. Better still, Invisalign is so comfortable that you don’t have to remove the aligners at bedtime.

However, you have to take the aligners off during meals. Ensure that you clean your teeth before putting them back on. Since the aligners don’t come into contact with what you eat, you can eat pretty much what you want. Nevertheless, you might consider refraining from some habits, such as taking too much coffee and smoking. Otherwise, it could lead to the aligners yellowing as time goes by.

Why Choose Invisalign

A top dentist in the area might recommend Invisalign treatment, and it’s essential to understand some of its benefits before committing. To start with, Invisalign is barely visible. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about people noticing metal in your mouth every time to smile.

Additionally, Invisalign is very comfortable. Although you might feel some mild discomfort at first, the discomfort goes away within no time. You also have the liberty to remove Invisalign now and then, making it even easier to take good care of your aligners.

Side Effects

Apart from the mild discomfort you might experience at first, Invisalign has no other significant side effects. In rare cases, though, the fasteners can irritate your cheeks or lips. If that happens, let your dentist know so that they can make adjustments. Call us today for more information.