6 Top Benefits To Choose Invisalign Over Other Alternatives

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July 13, 2019
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September 14, 2019

Asides from crooked teeth stealing your smile away, they are notoriously difficult to clean. Thankfully, modern dentistry offers a wide variety of solutions today, including Invisalign. These new pair of trays provide the convenience that most traditional braces cannot. Let us look into some of the top six benefits according to our Bucks County dentist.

Improved appearance
Metal braces are obvious and can be unattractive with the large, awkward chunks of metal. They can trap food without the wearer being aware. For adults, braces can be quite uncomfortable. Invisalign are clear and barely noticeable, making them totally anonymous. They are the perfect solution for people who prefer to remain silent during re-alignment treatments.

Offers comfort
Invisalign can be removed any time the wearer wishes. While braces can have sharp edges and cause painful sores on the inner sides of the cheeks in the beginning, Invisalign trays are smoothly designed to offer comfort. They are custom made to fit your teeth and mouth making them the ultimate comfort.

Brushing is a breeze
Invisalign trays aren’t permanently fixed. You could remove them whenever you want to floss and brush your teeth. Simply remove the trays, brush and floss your teeth, rinse the trays in clean water and pop them back in. Your Bucks County dentist will give you the proper guidelines on how to clean the trays correctly without damaging them. Most brace wearers complain about cleaning teeth due to its permanency status.

Eat whatever you want
Food restrictions are arguably one of the most dissatisfying reasons for teeth straightening. Braces limit some of your favorite foods, such as apples, carrots, nuts, spicy soup, and crisps. Anything too hard, sticky or chewy is often off-limits. This is to ensure that your brackets remain intact. The Invisalign trays eradicate this problem for you. You can remove the trays and bite into anything you want, clean your teeth, and pop them back in.

Shorter treatment duration
We typically recommend an average of about six weeks before heading back to the dental office for maintenance. The tray technique proves to be one of the fastest re-alignment methods in the market today. Normally, it could take about a year or a year and half to complete treatment with Invisalign. This option ensures that you spend little time going to the dentist’s office and a relatively shorter treatment period.

Guaranteed results
We are experts in orthodontics and pride ourselves in offering the best Invisalign treatments. The results should speak up for themselves.

Invisalign is the perfect way to re-align your teeth and restore smile discreetly. We will discuss your options and guide you through the journey. Call us today to schedule an appointment with your favorite Bucks County dentist!