6 Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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October 2, 2018
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November 30, 2018

6 Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are the final sets of molars that erupt in an adult mouth. These come in anywhere after the age of 18 and can be very discomforting. There are a number of side effects of wisdom teeth erupting. Some of which indicate that you need to get them removed.

Here are 6 signs and symptoms that indicate you need to get your wisdom teeth removed.

1.         Pain & Irritation

Wisdom teeth can cause serious pains and irritation. It is the most common thing that wisdom teeth are associated with. Mild pain may be fine but if the pain gets bad, consult a top dentist in Morrisville like, Pearly White Dental Care. Your dentist will examine your gums to see if the pain is in fact caused by wisdom teeth or due to another reason.

2.         Difficulty in Eating

Food can get stuck between gums and on top of your wisdom tooth while eating. If you can’t reach and clean it properly it can cause pain when you eat and chew. Consult a dentist who may suggest a proper cleaning method or product. Also, your jaw might hurt due to the wisdom tooth eruption, making it difficult to eat. If either case becomes worse your dentist might suggest an extraction.

3.         Incorrect Growth

This is the most common reason for wisdom tooth extraction. When these teeth grow out, they can take up too much space in the mouth by growing in an incorrect direction. No braces or procedure can fix this issue. Therefore, your dentist will have to remove the wisdom tooth. Extraction makes sure that the rest of your teeth are not damaged or overcrowded and there is enough room in your mouth.

4.         Sinus Problems

When wisdom teeth grow in the upper jaw, they can cause a problem for your sinuses. The teeth grow, develop roots which can rub against the sinuses and put pressure on them. Although this does not happen very commonly it can cause sinus pains, congestion, and headaches. Consulting a good dentist in Morrisville can help determine if your wisdom teeth are the reason for your sinus problems.

5.         Cavities

Your wisdom teeth grow in a difficult to reach a position which makes cleaning them hard. Because of which bacteria and plaque collects on the tooth surface and on the gums causing cavities. The cavities can affect the other teeth too creating a bigger problem. Your dentist will most likely remove your wisdom tooth in case of a cavity development.

6.         Gum Inflammation

At times when a wisdom tooth starts erupting, it can create a flap or an opening of gum tissue that resides next to the tooth. This small opening of gum can trap bacteria and small food particles. It then hardens around the tooth and gets inflamed, causing swelling and pain. This condition is called pericoronitis and needs medical attention.

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6 Signs You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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