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5 Reasons You Need Dental X-Rays Morrisville

X-rays are a very important part of the diagnostic process in health care. They can help find a broken bone, a tumor or pneumonia. Some worry that x-rays are not safe, due to the fact that they use radiation. While x-rays are very safe, you should try to limit your exposure. But, here are five reasons why you may need dental x-rays.

  1. See areas of decay not visible to the eye

Your Morrisville dentist can’t see between your teeth or under the gums, so an x-ray is the perfect tool to helping them see in areas where there may be decay.

  1. Reveal changes to the bone

Gum disease and other infections can cause changes to the bone and this can be detrimental to your overall health. By using x-ray technology, your dentist can see what changes there are in the bone.

  1. Prepare you for procedures

Many dental procedures require the dentist in Yardley to have a good image of your mouth and using x-rays, the dentist can prepare properly for your procedure. This could include before getting an implant, root canal, dentures or before wisdom tooth removal.

  1. Diagnose an abscess or infection

X-rays easily pick up changes not just in your bones, but in your gums and can detect if further tests are needed. They can see abscesses or infections under the gums, and also cysts and tumors.

  1. Tell if a child’s mouth is developing properly

As a parent, you may be the most concerned about your child getting x-rays, but it is just as important that they do so. X-rays will tell the dentist if the mouth is large enough to fit all incoming teeth, if the primary teeth will fall out before the permanent teeth come in or if any further treatment is needed to ensure teeth come in properly.

Digital x-rays are one of the best new technologies that ensure clear images and easy viewing for diagnostic purposes. We serve the Yardley, Morrisville, Langhorne, Newtown, Trenton and the communities around them. Call us to find out if you need a dental x-ray.

5 Reasons You Need Dental X-Rays

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